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Patricia Berkly LLC Staff Sought Out For Healthy Workplace Training

Healthy workplace advocates Holmes and Hollis are sought out for their interactive and collaborative training programs.

Dr. Leah Hollis and Dr. Jeffrey Holmes have been quite busy of late and sought out for their expertise in developing a healthy workplace. Whether the topic is EEOC regulation, ADA compliance, respect in the workplace, considering a diversity of values between colleagues or even dressing for success, the Patricia Berkly LLC staff continues to offer interactive and engaging training programs to assist organizations develop a positive environment.

"It is about creating access for anyone, whether through policy or practice..." commented Holmes, aka Dr. Accessible. Advocacy for staff and supervisors helps everyone involved to be creative and innovative with dwindling resources.

The Patricia Berkly LLC team has over 20 years of developing large group training, one on one consulting and keynote speeches. With respective careers serving in student services, athletics, and executive leadership, both Holmes and Hollis have a collaborative training style which engages all audiences in the content at hand.

Both trainers are accomplished scholars with several articles and books available for publication. Most recently, Dr. Jeffrey Holmes has completed his book, The Accessible College: A Guide to Transition Students with Disabilities form High School to College was released in September 2012 and is available on Dr. Leah Hollis' book, Bully in the Ivory Tower: How Aggression and Incivility Erode American Higher Education will be available in the fall 2012.

Though the Patricia Berkly team emerges from higher education, they have developed training for the private sector, retail, government, K-12 and other sectors. Learn more about their training activities at the Patricia Berkly LLC center.

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