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Patricia Berkly LLC Reflects on October As National Bullying Prevention Month

Patricia Berkly LLC is active during National Bullying Prevention Month. A host of services and appearances help to guide staff to creating a healthy workplace.

Patricia Berkly LLC continues work in the field to help squash bullying in the workplace. Recently, Dr. Hollis has collected a number of essays from global scholars regarding workplace bullying. Some issues address cyber harassment, the Healthy workplace bill in the state of New York, and how bullying kills the human spirit. Other essays offer solutions and alternative leadership models to minimize coercive leadership styles and create staff engagement.

As part of National Bullying Prevention Month, Patricia Berkly LLC will again offer its webinar Black and Blue Academy. The webinar is based on the recent book Bully in the Ivory Tower: How Aggression and incivility Erode American Higher Education. Past participants have included Duke University, Northwestern University, South Dakota State, the University of Alaska, and the University of Georgia. As workplace bullying occurs with 62% of higher education staff, the webinar offers solutions for both individuals and organizations.

Also, during this fall, Dr. Leah Hollis of Patricia Berkly will also offer training programs at Cornell University and West Chester University. For Cornell University, Dr. Hollis will offer the keynote speech at the Diversity Update Conference. During her trip to Ithaca, New York, she will also work with students regarding leadership and provide a second workshop to conference participants. West Chester University has also requested a series of workshops from Dr . Leah Hollis regarding workplace bullying for both staff and faculty. The goal of this five part series in West Chester is to help staff and leadership have insight to the individual and organizational effects of bullying of those working in higher education.

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