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Paterson City Mayor Jeffery Jones and CTIP Supports Cong. John K. Delaney's HR2084 - The Partnership to Build America Act

Paterson City Mayor Jeffery Jones and CTIP strongly support Cong. John K. Delaney's HR 2084 - The Partnership to Build America Act as CTIP hosts its April 4, 2014 Free Webinar Event entitled: "Paterson City: Investors Forum 2014".

In a letter issued by Cong. John K. Delaney, of the 6th District of Maryland dated March 25, 2014 to Fernando M. Sopot, Charter President of the Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), Cong. Delaney expressed his thanks to the webinar event organizers, CTIP and Paterson City Mayor Jeffery Jones for their support as the event includes the dissemination of information related to HR2084 - The Partnership to Build America Act which calls for the creation of a $50 Billion U.S. Infrastructure Bank that would be funded by repatriated corporate earnings.

Introduced in May 2013, Delaney's bill in the U.S. Congress currently has 29 Democratic and 26 Republican co-sponsors in the House. A Senate version of the bill was introduced in January and also has bipartisan support.

Delaney said that the proposed legislation came at a time when infrastructure in the U.S. seems to be gaining momentum with several bills focusing on infrastructure financing working their way through both chambers of congress and enjoying bi-partisan support.

In a statement, Congressman John K. Delaney said that using repatriated overseas capital can be the source of the much needed investments in our nation's infrastructure. He likewise said that there is a growing consensus among Republicans, Democrats and Independents, that this is the right approach.

Pres. Barack Obama has made the Delaney bill as his administration's priority legislative agenda in the U.S. Congress.

The Council for Trade and Investment Promotion (CTIP), an NJ non-profit organization in cooperation with the City Government of Paterson, New Jersey is hosting their Third Webinar Event dubbed as "Paterson City: Investors Forum 2014", Part 1 - Infrastructure Investments. A webinar is a web-based conference that uses Internet technology to connect the individual hosting the webinar to the audience--the viewers or listeners of the webinar. Since CTIP is an international trade and investment organization, the use of Webinar has become a very effective tool for CTIP to convey their message, including proceedings of their events live, to their members and non members.

The event will be held at Paterson's TV Station Channel 77, located at the Second Floor, 77 Ellison Street, Paterson City, New Jersey. It will start at 1PM of April 4, 2014. Sopot said the access code to the event is available at organization's website

Mayor Jones will deliver his keynote remarks focusing on his vision and importance of an Infrastructure Plan for the City, its overview and benefits to the City, the planning and prioritization of an Infrastructure Plan, including the need for an Infrastructure Investments.

The Guest Speaker for the event, Mr. Barry E. A. Johnson, has served in the Obama Administration in several senior advisory capacities: first in the U.S. Department of Commerce as Senior Advisor for Economic Development; then as founding Executive Director of SelectUSA, the first White House initiative to promote and facilitate inward investment.

On the other hand, the resource speaker, Mr. Dennis Ortiguera partner of the Law Firm, Lubiner & Schmidt, who holds Master of Laws degree in Banking, Corporate and Finance Law from Fordham Law School will be discussing EB5, investors' visa and other immigration issues that governs foreign investments into the United States.

The other resource speakers will come from the investment banking sector, Mr. Joey Ortega, and from a multinational company, Mr. Gian-Paolo Caminiti, including some senior officials of the City of Paterson, led by its Economic Director, Ruben Gomez where he will be assisted by Mr. Erik Lowe, Chairman of the Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA).

This four hour exciting event will bring about increase knowledge of sourcing out of infrastructure investments, information on the proposed U.S. Infrastructure Bank under the The Partnership to Build America Act (H.R. 2084) principally authored by Congressman John K. Delaney, the intricacies of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), and many more. This event is free-of-charge to the participants.

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