Passfeed Is Internationalized, American Trends Start Sweeping The Asian!

According to reports, director of Passfeed said that, China is now the second largest market despite Passfeed was original in the US and was further developed in Japan.

The location-based mobile social application Passfeed has begun its internationalization strategy. According to media reports, Passfeed starts to sweep the East, creating a new round of social fashion.

Recently, Passfeed once again becomes a hot search term - in the "3P" trademark disputes, the fighting is very intense. The dispute has not completely end, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office is still doubtful in determining the outcome, but Passfeed's remarkable achievements have a great impetus in expanding the international market.

There are too many U.S. social network platforms and they are competing for having more users. Facebook, Twitter and so on have been internationalized. Statistics from professional organizations show that in the United States, most of the netizens have registered Passfeed, but in Asia, Passfeed has a great potential in expanding the user group.

Passfeed has become the new darling among social networks. In the era of mobile terminal, real-time location-based social application soon becomes the concern in investment risk. Earlier this year, Passfeed application is valued up to hundreds of million dollars.

It is not surprise that this software would become successful in China since the number of smartphone users in China skyrocketed in recent years. The largest population base helps Passfeed to establish the superiority in the market and to extend its market shares.

Meanwhile, the American users for Passfeed are also climbing up. In the past few months, the increase speed is also enhancing. However, no information from Passfeed reveals the exact user number. Some sources said that the user number has been over 10 million. The exact data still needs to be released by official recently.

For mobile social intercourse applications, active users play a crucial role in promoting the applications. Passfeed is not an exception. Compared to other elements, participation from users is prioritized by Passfeed. The director of Passfeed confessed that 50% monthly active users are satisfactory to them.

Due to the similar functions, Passfeed was initially recognized as the true rival to Facebook. However, the advantages of Passfeed are entirely concentrated on the mobile platform.

Passfeed is still unclear about its business extension plan to the website area. They only claimed that they fully focused on the mobile platform and would dedicate to promoting it.

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