Pass Provides a Friends Making Platform Based on Location

Location-based social networking app Pass recently released IOS / Android Version.

As the company's technical staff claimed, the revision is to make it more simple and smooth, keeping improving the interface look, new functions, settings.

How long have people not updated Twitter? Are people always feeling hesitant in sharing moods? Do people want to have a more open platform to share details of their life to others nearby? Twitter and Facebook are popular social network, but because of many relatives and friends, casual conversations can not be made. If people want to make new friends in a social application and speak freely on that, it is better to try Pass. Through this location-based social network application, people can view the dynamic messages and others nearby. Friends' posts won't be flooded like Facebook, Twitter, as these will vary from their own location.

People can use it to share the daily news, post photos, and each visiting friend will leave footprints, giving people comments or show their likings. People can also use the flag, emblem and other icons to mark their university or nation. Pass thus can give them a more realistic and detailed social network.

In terms of appearance, the new UI design is more fresh, smooth, and impressive. It becomes easier to update dynamic information like pictures and status. People will have permission to manage messages from dynamic comments or notes. As to new functions, real-time weather report makes travel more freely, and the badges, flags enable people to decide how to make friends with others nearby.

It also becomes more concise to comment, express the likings, and check messages and dynamic information.

Besides, it is more smooth to go back from any pages through sliding.

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