Pass Popularity Encroaching Facebook

Pass is a popular and simple way to discover, meet and make friends with people nearby, and they can be sent leisurely even when you are offline.

Location-based Pass allows users to share their life news, and thanks to the good momentum, it has become a powerful force in this field, not only because of the increasing number of users, but also more and more good comments.

More importantly, according to a study from ShareThis, Pass now also become one of the main ways for users to share information and data, even has surpassed a number of related social platforms in this area. ShareThis studies show that early this year, Pass has become the third most popular social network, and its popularity is almost equal to Facebook.

Kurt Abrahamson from ShareThis website said earlier that "when social media is rapidly changing the digital world, it is more frequent for consumers to use social networks to share articles, pictures and recipes and other content with friends." This also tells investors that, in addition to Facebook and Twitter, some other social media platforms deserve to be invested.

The rise of Pass benefits from the location-based social feature, which has also been verified by industry data. Geographically in the U.S. market, the Midwest crowd prefers Pass, while West Coast people are more inclined to Facebook, and Northeast region population like Twitter more.

Pass said the main user interface of the future will be planned according to the frequency of user access: the more users visit, the more refresh under the page. In other words, users will be able to enjoy a customized recommendation service, and kinds to be explored will increase as well.

However, as the launched version is simple, the application functions still need gradual improvement.

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