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Pass is a kind of social networking application based on geographical locations, enabling users to make new friends through searching people nearby or posting new information.

It is not surprise that this software would become successful in China since the number of smartphone users in China skyrocketed in recent years. The largest population base helps Pass to establish the superiority in the market and to extend its market shares.

Meanwhile, the American users for Pass are also climbing up. In the past few months, the increase speed is also enhancing. However, no information from Pass reveals the exact user number. Some sources said that the user number has been over 10 million. The exact data still needs to be released by official recently.

For mobile social intercourse applications, active users play a crucial role in promoting the applications. Pass is not an exception. Compared to other elements, participation from users is prioritized by Pass. The director of Pass confessed that 50% monthly active users are satisfactory to them.

Due to the similar functions, Pass was initially recognized as the true rival to Facebook. However, the advantages of Pass are entirely concentrated on the mobile platform.

Pass is still unclear about its business extension plan to the website area. They only claimed that they fully focused on the mobile platform and would dedicate to promoting it.

With the advances in technology, mobile social softwares are getting closer to people's lives. They can help you find more friends in life and in your spare time, reduce stress in work and life. Pass, as one of the best, allows users to upload their own best shots for sharing, whether it is good or not, the process is a pleasure.

In the course of this aesthetic, of course, there are many people posting processed photos for avatar, so even if you are just a very ordinary person, you may also become a big star on the mobile social applications, having a large number of fans. Some users joked that maybe the avatar they uploaded is too real, so it seems they need to do something to beautify photos for more fans.

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