Pass Is Internationalized, American Trends Start Sweeping the Asian

The location-based mobile social application Pass has begun its internationalization strategy. According to media reports, Pass starts to sweep the East, creating a new round of social fashion.

Recently, Pass once again becomes a hot search term - in the "3P" trademark disputes, the fighting is very intense. The dispute has not completely end, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office is still doubtful in determining the outcome, but Pass's remarkable achievements have a great impetus in expanding the international market.

There are too many U.S. social network platforms and they are competing for having more users. Facebook, Twitter and so on have been internationalized. Statistics from professional organizations show that in the United States, most of the netizens have registered Pass, but in Asia, Pass has a great potential in expanding the user group.

Pass has become the new darling among social networks. In the era of mobile terminal, real-time location-based social application soon becomes the concern in investment risk. Earlier this year, Pass application is valued up to hundreds of million dollars.

Today, with the tendency where various open platforms sprang up, "socialization" has been identified as the common sense for mobile application development and promotion, which demands the developers to fully understand the selling point of their application while to share some degree of knowledge regarding the developing status and share features of each open platform, in pursuit of a more appropriate socialized strategy for their own products and improvement of the user activity.

We undertook the analysis via a famous IT website, Brint, on the sample of its millions of shared data. The result of this analysis reveals that Pass emerged swiftly in the past half year with its geography-based social network function contributing to the increase of user numbers. Users are allowed to search for and make friends with people around them, and can post his information for share of feelings and locations. Certain feedbacks will immediately return to these users so that they are enabled to establish closer relations with strangers.

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