Pass Is Coming! Facebook, Twitter, Please Make a Way!

Pass brings strangers closer, Pass is a popular and simple way to discover, meet and make friends with people nearby, and they can be sent leisurely even when you are offline.

The fast innovation of mobile Internet brings the evolutionary of social software. Compared with the traditional Facebook, Twitter, and nowadays popular Instagram, WhatsApp, the convenient dating application seems to have become a symbol of the new human social life. Facebook is too traditional, Twitter information is too overloaded, Instagram is slightly garish, and WhatsApp bondage is too large. Looking at the mobile Internet platform, a new social network application is rising - Pass! If you have not heard of its name, then you have to keep up with the trend.

Pass absolutely can meet today's young people's assertive personality or fit the various needs of global markets. Now its user resources are on the increase at an alarming trend.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the distance between people is widening, but after the emergence of mobile social software, distance between people and strangers is shorter. A good case in point is Pass. Especially the function of searching for people nearby of mobile social software increases a sense of freshness and excitement.

Once Sara was having a weekend trip, and she was searched by a strange man. Through Pass she can see how far she is from the man. She said, this was very exciting, and they were talking through messages about air travel, their hobbies, local cuisine, which unknowingly last for several hours. Sarah said, in real life, she would never say a word to a strange man, even though he offered to strike up a conversation, she certainly would not reply him.

Like Sarah, there are many young people having a group of friends through mobile social software. And they can be different than usual and can be more relaxed.

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