Pass Has Become a Well-deserved Dark Horse in Mobile Internet

According to media reports, in 2012, the research institution Nielsen released a report that users spend a third of time on PC using and visiting social networking sites and mobile applications, far more than the time on visiting the mobile websites.

Mobile Internet is quite popular in recent years, and social application is the best. Now total annual time spent on visiting social websites through applications keeps being refreshed, ten times than that of the site visit. This situation is actually reasonable thanks to the rapidly growing popularity of smartphones in the world. Users can use applications on smart phones to view Facebook, Twitter and Pass or other sites. According to the data, Facebook is still the most used social network application. But since last year, Pass began to catch up, devoting itself into the mobile network platform, and its application platforms are mainly Android and iOS versions.

This also helps to expand Pass user groups, and now Pass has become a well-deserved dark horse in mobile Internet social network platform.

Since the development of the PC network ports became increasingly milder, the mobile application platform swiftly caught up with PC and became a very hot sphere currently. Of this, the social network application platform becomes a ferocious battlefield for many manufacturers. The cruel competitions inevitably eliminated several manufactures while the most outstanding ones remain survived. Pass, which recently draws broad attention, is one of these alive manufactures.

Pass is a kind of solomo (social media, local and mobile search) application, which functioned to satisfy people's social intercourse demand based on geographical locations. This application offers entertainment function as well to the users to kill spare time and therefore has a broad targeted group. The user interface, interaction and the functional modules of this application have been well-developed and user-friendly, which earns itself the popularity and wide user basis.

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