Parvati Lifestyle And The Dance Treatment Team Up To Give Zumba Members Great Discounts!

A partnership between Parvati Lifestyle Salon & Spa in New Hyde Park and The Dance Treatment lets Zumba members of the dance classes get 25% discounts on all of the salon's Lifestyle Services at their New Hyde Park location.

Parvati Lifestyle Salon & Spa set up shop in New Hyde Park, Long Island in 2010. The salon quickly became well known for their innovative spa treatments like Harmonic Facials and their five step threading process, Thread Logic. Recently, they're making waves because of their free membership rewards program designed to give their customers extra value in return for every single dollar they spend. This well known spa in Long Island offers Lifestyle Services such as waxing, threading, facials and nails (manicures and pedicures). In addition to Lifestyle Services, Parvati Lifestyle also offers exceptional Hair Services, courtesy of Hernani Soares, their resident hairstylist. Having spent at least a decade working professionally with hair, Hernani has been featured in publications like Red Magazine and has also been a part of NYFW.

Parvati Lifestyle recently teamed up with The Dance Treatment in order to provide certain members of the dance classes incentives and rewards for doing well in their classes. Members of The Dance Treatment's Zumba classes are in for a treat! Each member who achieves a milestone in their Zumba dance classes get an exclusive 25% discount on Parvati Lifestyle Salon & Spa's Lifestyle Services.

In order to avail the services, Zumba members must provide documentation that shows they are enrolled in The Dance Treatment's Zumba classes. When a Zumba member reaches their milestone, they are sent an email letting them know they are eligible for a reward. In order to receive this reward, winners will need to print the incentive and bring it with them to Parvati Lifestyle Salon & Spa in order to avail the offer and receive 25% Parvati Lifestyle's very reasonably priced Lifestyle Services.

Parvati Lifestyle has a reputation for listening to their customers. As a salon + spa that values continual growth, implementing feedback is very important. In fact, it is this very same feedback that has allowed Parvati Lifestyle to be where it is today - a spa that provides efficient and hygienic services and great value to their clients.

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