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Partnership Turns Commercial Rooftops Into Solar Assets For Business

Solar development company One Globe Renewables joins forces with leading commercial roofing contractor Douglass Colony Group to fast track solar energy adoption in the commercial, industrial and institutional real estate markets.

One Globe Renewables, LLC (OGR), today announced its partnership with Douglass Colony Group, a 60-year leader in commercial roofing, metals fabrication and solar installation. The partnership furthers OGR's mission to fast track the adoption of solar energy in the western states region. The team works with commercial, industrial and office building owners to turn non-producing rooftops and vacant land into solar energy producing assets for owners and investors.

Business owners, land owners and institutional organizations have been leveraging the power of solar energy for a number of years, but capital investment has been the greatest obstacle to main stream adoption. With the One Globe Renewables Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a majority of western state businesses can now go solar and enjoy reduced utility bills without any up-front cost. "Our job is to show them in clear, transparent terms how that is done," said Richard Chandler, One Globe Renewables, CEO.

The new solar PPA represents an absolute win for every stakeholder. "When the up front financial barrier is removed, a majority of businesses in this region will find they can make a sound economic case for solar - and that's how we'll begin to meet the aggressive 2020 state and federal renewable energy goals," said Chandler.

Bob Bechtholdt, CEO of Douglass Colony Group explains, "Douglass Colony partnered with One Globe Renewables because making solar energy broadly attainable and financially attractive creates a scenario where everyone wins - the business, the people and the planet."

Douglass Colony Group, a 60-year leader in commercial roofing, metals fabrication and waterproofing added a solar division to its Commerce City, Colorado operation in 2007. The company has installed and maintained solar power for government, municipalities and private industry, becoming a regional authority in solar power for commercial entities. One Globe Renewables is a next generation solar project development company that brings financial strength and business asset modeling to the solar equation. Together they provide an end-to-end solution that eliminates the barriers to solar adoption.

Is solar right for your organization? For more information, please contact One Globe Renewables at 303.565.8787 x1700 or visit

Solar in 41 seconds! See Douglass Colony Group's newest solar installation below:

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