For Affiliates

Affiliate partners or referrals can enjoy additional revenue streams that can be added to any website offering or platform. As a referral partner, Newswire products and services can be made available to your visitors and you are rewarded based on the service purchased. It requires a minimal amount of work and has been a popular choice for partners who choose to have a “hands-off” approach to their business. Your referrals will enjoy the outstanding customer support and integrated workflow at Newswire.

Click here for more info on our Affiliate Program.

For Developers - API

Newswire’s API provides media, news outlets, bloggers, publishers and mobile app developers to syndicate our news stories to various platforms of delivery. The framework allows the creations of applications and scripts to pull queries based on certain parameters to extract data from our news center. Our API offers Full-text RSS formats, XML and many others.

Please contact our support team for additional information and API requirements.