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Parking Pin iPhone App Uses New M7 Chip to Automatically Find Your Car

Portland company, Everyday Odyssey, launches Parking Pin-an iPhone App that solves the old "find my car" problem with fresh new iPhone technology.

Portland-based mobile applications company, Everyday Odyssey, released the new app, Parking Pin, on the Apple App Store over the holidays. The purpose of Parking Pin is to simply remember where a user has parked and guide them back to their car. Parking apps are quite commonplace on the Apple App Store but Parking Pin answers the "where did I park" question using brand new iPhone hardware technology.

When used on the newest iPhone 5s that has the new M7 coprocessor, Parking Pin utilizes the newest Motion and Location API's to automatically track and remember parking spots. Unlike other apps that require users to purchase extra accessories or mark their location beforehand, Parking Pin simply remembers the parking spots without the iPhone 5s ever needing to leave the user's pocket or purse. It does this by using the app's Pin Finder* feature which utilizes the iPhone 5s' new M7 chip in combination with Location Services to pinpoint spots as the user parks. It works in the background, while the user's phone is asleep or as they use other apps. The only time the user ever needs to open the app is that painful moment when they realize that they've forgot where they've parked.

Parking Pin makes navigating back to a parking spot a snap by displaying a Map with Walking Directions, a Car Compass that continually points towards the car, and a Range Finder which displays the distance to the car in both meters and feet. Parking Pin also includes a unique pinch-to-set Meter so one can avoid those inconvenient parking tickets. The app also features built-in Notes to jot down specifics about any parking spot. For those on older devices (iPhone 5, 4s, 4) without the newest hardware, Parking Pin can still be used manually by simply tapping the "+" button to quickly add parking spots.

Parking Pin is perfect for anyone who street parks, uses massive mall parking lots, travels to unfamiliar places, and of course anyone who is simply bad at remembering where they've left their car. Parking Pin can guide one back to their rental car in a foreign city, their parking spot at the airport after a long trip, or the place they left their car after getting lunch in downtown.

Parking Pin is currently available for download from the Apple App Store and iTunes. Download it now at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/parking-pin/id767796953. More information about the Parking Pin app can be found at the Everyday Odyssey website at www.everydayodyssey.com/product/parkingpin.

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