Paret Petroleum Begins Geological Study On HAITI's HYDROCARBONS

Paret Petroleum has began its study on Haiti's hydrocarbons, after much debate on Haiti's oil potential Paret Petroleum has started it Geological survey.

Paret Petroleum has began its geological survey on the Oil and Gas potential,exploration is estimated to begin on June 1,2011. This monumental exploration could aid Haiti's GDP and national deficient. It is believed by Geo-scientist that Haiti has more oil than Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Haiti being only 1000 miles from the major oil refineries in Louisiana and the Gulf gives this country a potential to be an oil producing Goliath. CEO and founder of Paret Petroleum Emmanuel Paret had this to say " I am a Haitian American for years my family, friends and colleagues have believed that Haiti has tremendous reservoirs of oil and gas and Paret Petroleum and I will prove that it does, this is a 26 million dollar project and I am confident that my company will be successful in finding oil, giving our investors a positive return, aiding the country with it's National deficient and poverty issues. Exploration for hydrocarbons is long overdue for Haiti and we will be the pioneers to take the risk ". for more info

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