Paramax Films Signs Ysan Roche, The Singing Mermaid, to Music Film Series Deal

Paramax Films signs Ysan Roche to a new Brand Entertainment Deal

Paramax Films Signs Ysan Roche, The Singing Mermaid, to Music Film Series Deal

Paramax Films signs Ysan Roche to a new Brand Entertainment Deal
NEW YORK, New York and PARIS, France, July 19, 2013 - Paramax Films announced today the launch of a new partnership with the music, fashion, film Artist known as Ysan Roche, CEO of Ysan Roche LLC, to produce a new genre of unique short films in branded entertainment. The short films will combine innovative, cinematic story-telling to redefine the boundaries between music as a three dimensional experience and the new evolution of a visionary, fourth dimensional cinematic platform to provide audiences worldwide with a new form of voyeuristic entertainment.

"The purpose of the short film series is to illustrate that: 'to dream is to create.' This is a unique story- telling engine in a truly immersive format," said Amos Rozenberg, CEO of Paramax Films.

"We wanted a fresh and creative voice and an exciting future forward artist to launch our platform. Ysan Roche is a truly gifted and uniquely positioned artist, extremely photogenic, charismatic and a truly captivating entertainer who we believe can highlight the value of our new cinematic platform and reach new audiences and new markets for next generation brands that want to think outside the box," stated Ian Roberts, Executive Producer of Paramax Films.

Said Ysan Roche about the endeavor: "I am thrilled to begin work on this series of productions with Paramax Films. Their approach to film-making is innovative. Paramax really understands my music and live performances as an expression of something much more than an audio-visual experience."

In light of the scope of this new collaboration, and as part of this new agreement, Ysan Roche has also named Paramax as a leading partner on her music, film, fashion and entertainment brand management partnership team, taking the leading role in Europe and the lead supporting role in North America and extended global markets.

The short films will commence production in the fall of 2013 and continue throughout the 2014 calendar year with venues to include London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Ysan Roche is scheduled to release her second album in the fall of 2013 which will also feature her critically acclaimed single, "Bass Gun."

The short films will carry her unique creative storyline through the narratives of her upcoming album tracks and take the viewing audience through an immersive experience of living the life of her music.

"I am really looking forward to seeing the audiences cross new borders through my music and art and to have them contribute to the dream of my music beyond a passive viewing and listening experience. I am also very excited to work with this new dynamic format to showcase my work," said Ysan Roche.

For any inquiries into this deal or to explore the possibility to participate or partner with this upcoming short film series, entitled, "Dream-a-Vision" contact:

Ian Roberts
Executive Producer
Paramax Films

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About Paramax Films -

Paramax Films is a leading brand entertainment, film and television production company whose client portfolio of short films includes Bulgari, Chanel, Tod's, Cartier, Vogue, Conde Nast. Paramax has produced the critically acclaimed documentary,
"Le Monde de Vendome," as well as several documentaries on next generation Jazz and Pop entertainers as well as award-winning contemporary painters and artists around the globe.

About the Music, Fashion, Film Artist Ysan Roche -

Ysan Roche is the founder of "Black Yelllow Pop," ( artistically spelled correctly with three "L's" in "Yelllow" ) - a genre encompassing goth, rock, pop, dance and bassline. Following her extravagant and decadent stage shows and controversial videos, she has continued to draw hundreds of thousands of people to her YouTube channel as she brings a dark yet cheeky glamour to the world in her Short Music Films. Now collaborating with world renowned super producer Yoad Nevo (Sugababes, Depeche Mode, Girls Aloud), Ysan Roche has released the single "Bass Gun," the first single from her forthcoming Vagabondivas album, at London Unhinged Festival.

About Ysan Roche, LLC -

Ysan Roche, LLC, is a New York, New York based multimedia, music, film and fashion company dedicated to creating, marketing and distributing Ysan Roche branded entertainment and fashion products and services across multiple platforms to global audiences and markets.

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