Panamorph's® New Ultra Wide Entertainment System Now Shipping

Panamorph Inc. announces worldwide shipping of the new CineVista™ lens. The CineVista™ lens delivers a true cinematic experience to home theater enthusiasts by eliminating the annoying black bars on the top and bottom of favorite widescreen movie

Panamorph®, the most recommended anamorphic lens manufacturer in the industry, announces that their newest product, the CineVista™ lens system, has begun shipping to all markets around the globe. At $1495 retail, this game changing new product makes ultra wide home theater and PC gaming available for all home theater consumers, not just the high-end. When paired with a compatible home theater projector and a 2.35:1 screen, the CineVista lens will eliminate the black letterbox bars on the top and bottom of favorite widescreen movies, allowing you to watch the movie the way the director intended.

The CineVista lens system will be available from a variety of retailers including Panamorph's direct dealers, several US based online retailers and through distribution channels worldwide. Visit the Panamorph website at for more information about Ultra Wide entertainment or to locate a dealer or retailer near you. For a list of compatible projectors, please visit:

About Panamorph®:

Panamorph® was founded in 2001 in Colorado Springs and has become the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the digital projection and home theater industry. Our history began when home cinema purists demanded high performance lens systems that could duplicate the film industry's dramatic imaging process to deliver the true widescreen impact and performance of commercial cinemas. Applying thirty years of experience in high-end optical design and manufacturing, our patented hybrid cylindrical/prism lenses surpass the limitations of older cylindrical optics, launching the new elite standard of digital projection that you have to see to believe.

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