Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. Announces a Discount for Guests Who Sign Up for a 2015 Tour in 2014

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., the company that first offered Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning, is giving a discount to tour guests who book a 2015 tour in 2014.

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., the leader of Panama tours designed for people who are planning to move to Panama, is pleased to announce its most recent promotional offer. The company will be giving $50 off to individuals who sign up for a 2015 tour in 2014. With a $500 deposit, individuals who book for a 2015 tour this year will automatically receive a $50 discount and a seat reservation.

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. owner and general manager, Jackie Lange, says, "Take advantage of our $50 promotional offer, so you can save money while ensuring yourself a seat in our tours. Learn what life would be like in Panama, meet expats who are already settled in Panama, and get loads of information from us. We guarantee that at the end of your trip, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about a possible Panama relocation."

Unlike regular Panama tours that focus on tourist destinations, the Panama Relocation Tours are geared towards relocation and retirement planning. Tour participants will be taken to various places in Panama suitable for setting up a new life. The tour aims to give participants with an objective view of life in Panama.

"Our goal is that at the end of the tour, you will know which area in Panama you'd eventually like to stay", says Jackie. "We provide the materials and the experience; thus, saving you from many hours of research. The Panama Relocation Tours offer a convenient, complete guide to properly plan your Panama relocation."

The 2015 Panama Relocation Tours will take place monthly from January to December. There will be a total of ten tours because there will be no tours during the rainy months, which are from October to November.

The tours are all inclusive 6 day/5 night tours that include pick up at the Tocumen International Airport upon arrival, ground transportation, lodging, meals, and transportation from Boquete to the David airport plus airfare from David to Panama City on the last day of the tour. The tour will visit popular retirement destinations in Panama that includes Panama City, El Valle, Coronado, Chitre, Las Tablas, Santiago, David, Boquete, and Volcan.

"The tour turned out to be exactly as described", says Kerry and Denise O'Neal from Somerville, Alabama, both fresh from their May, 2014 Panama Relocation Tour. "We got to visit virtually all the locations in Panama we'd been reading about and pondering. Our bottom line is that we in no way regretted having taken this tour, found the price to be quite reasonable for what we got and encourage anyone pondering relocating to, or establishing a snowbird's nest in, Panama to sign up for the tour."

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. offers a $50 discount and a guaranteed seat to those who book for a 2015 tour in 2014. The tours are designed to provide fun and education about a possible Panama relocation. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 972-496-6032 for information.


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