Panama Relocation Tours in May, 2014 Visited Several Properties for Rent and Sale

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., the company responsible for Panama tours designed for relocation planning, recently took its guests to several properties in Panama that are for sale and for rent.

The May, 2014 Panama Relocation Tours was a resounding success. Participants got a taste of what it's like to live in Panama for 5 days/6 nights. Tour guests were taken from one area of Panama to another. These places were particularly chosen by the company because they are popular retirement venues of expats from all over the world.

The May, 2014 Panama Relocation Tours started in bustling Panama City. Participants were then taken to the beach town of Coronado, where they got the chance to view several housing options in and around the area. Jackie Lange, owner and general manager of Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. took her guests to a house near Coronado. According to Jackie, this particular property boasts top of the line construction, and sells for $249,000, a price that is considerably less expensive than a house of the same type in the US.

Jackie says, "This month, we toured more homes than usual. We started in a house near Coronado, visited a condo unit in the same area, and then viewed several 2-3 bedroom houses in Boquete, Volcancito and Cerro Punta. Our guests got the chance to see middle range homes to upscale houses with rents ranging from $750 to $1995 a month. We'd like to give our guests an objective view of what life in Panama would be like."

When asked if the Panama Relocation Tours offers properties for sale, Jackie is quick to say that the company is not a real estate buying tour. "We do not sell properties. In fact, we advise tour participants to rent a house in Panama during their first year of stay. This will give them adequate time to find the house of their dreams."

The Panama Relocation Tours focus on relocation and retirement planning. Tour guests will get the chance to meet a Panamanian attorney and various expats, all of which have experienced a Panama relocation firsthand. The tour takes its guests to residential areas, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, drugstores, and other places essential to retirement planning. Jackie provides plenty of information and tips to help tour guests successfully move and relocate to Panama.

Barbara Will-Wallace from Colorado, USA says, "Thanks a million Jackie for everything. Appreciate seeing so much of the country and hearing all the info you provided. The handbook is invaluable and I am glad to have it. Hope to see you in two years or less."

Dale and Kristin Stillman from Rome City, Indiana, USA say, "The tour really gives you a true picture of what life in Panama can be like. We will be back again to see how Panama has changed and grown as we get closer to our full time retirement date in a couple years. Thanks again for your support and assistance."

The Panama Relocation Tours for May, 2014 have just ended successfully. Jackie and her team are now preparing for the next Panama tour in June. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange herself at (972) 496-6032.


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