Panama Relocation Tours Announces Two Openings for the July 2014 Tour

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., the leader in Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning, is pleased to announce two openings for the July 2014 Panama tours. This gives two people the opportunity to join the much coveted Panama Reloc

Those who want to join the Panama Relocation Tours in July, 2014 are in for some good news as Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. just announced two openings for the July 2014 tour. According to Jackie Lange, the owner and general manager of the company, two people had to cancel because of work conflicts; hence, giving way to two available slots.

Jackie Lange says, "Tour seats for the Panama Relocation Tours fill up fast, so we are inviting again those people who wanted to join the July 2014 tours, but were not able to grab a slot because it was previously closed. Now, two slots are up for grabs, so you can finally join the July tour group. Price of the tour is $1,995 per person or $3,800 for two people sharing a room."

Why Panama?

"This is one question that people often ask me", says Jackie. "The answer is pretty simple. It's because Panama offers a blend of convenience, comfort and ease in everyday life. I visited many countries before I decided to live in Panama. I went to Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Belize, Chile, and Mexico among others. However, I fell in love with Panama the most because of its stable economy, natural beauty, ease in getting a visa, and low cost of living. I can truly say that I am happy with my decision."

Jackie states that the Panama Relocation Tours are not real estate buying tours. "We are not in the business of selling real estate. Our goal is to provide our guests with an objective view of what living in Panama is like. We provide the info and the experience, so our tour participants can decide at the end of the day if living in panama suits them."

Panama has become the retirement haven of many expats worldwide because of many reasons. Some claim that it's the country's natural beauty that was the main deciding factor. Others say that it's the country's booming economy; Panama being the second largest economy in the whole of Central America. However, most expats say that they moved to Panama because the country offers affordable living expenses.

Nathan James, a native of Houston, Texas who now lives in Panama, says, "It is easy to live comfortably in Panama because everything is very cheap. Hospitalization, health care, food, utilities, rent, you name it! I can afford most things now than when I was in the US."

While tour seats for the June, August and September Panama Relocation Tours are already sold out. Two slots just opened up for the July tour, happening on July 12th to 17th, 2014. "When two doors close, two others open", says Jackie. "We are inviting people considering relocating or retiring to Panama to come and join the Panama Relocation Tours in July. It will surely be a fun, educational, enriching experience for you." Those were the exact words from the sovereign lady of Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. herself, Jackie Lange. Interested parties may visit for information.


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