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Panama Article Offers a Detailed Account of Panama as One of the Best Places to Live in the World

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., the company that provides Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning, has published an article that explains why Panama is a great place to live and retire.

'Why Panama?' is a very common question asked to those people who have relocated to Panama from another country. This question is answered by the Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. via its recently published article by Jaime E. Figueroa Navarro. The Panama article fully explains why Panama is one of the best places to live in the world and why many consider it to be the tropical paradise of Central America.

In this article, Mr. Navarro discusses the many reasons why expats from around the world chose to live in Panama. He talks about Panama's medical tourism, the Panama Canal, the Panama climate, the abundance of seafood and organic fruits and vegetables, and the inexpensive way of life in Panama. Mr. Navarro considers Panama as "a tropical paradise in all sense of the word", because of these reasons and the fact that Panama isn't threatened by hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes.

Mr. Navarro says, "We often say that you retire in Panama to live, not to die. People come to Panama for its quality of life and affordable standard of living. Its ultimate testimonial, crafted by none other than the New York Times, recently conferred Panama the number one travel destination in the world, over 44 other impressive termini including Paris, London, Tokyo, and Florence. That, in itself, states it all."

Mr. Navarro also states that Panama offers the best retiree program in the world. Panama's Pensionado Visa grants permanent residency to those who qualify for the program. The visa entitles one to impressive perks that include huge discounts to airline tickets, restaurant meals, hospital bills, doctor's consultations, dental exams, and entertainment and transportation expenses among others.

The article, "Why Panama" by Jaime Figueroa Navarro can be found on the Panama Relocation Tours website. Jackie Lange, owner and general manager of Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., states that this article can greatly help people who are considering moving to Panama. As a tour company that prepares people for Panama relocation, the publishing of this article is most appropriate and a natural progression for the Panama Relocation Tours.

Jackie Lange says, "Why Panama, is one of the question I get asked most often. I visited Costa Rica, Belize, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, and many other countries but I eventually picked Panama as my new home. I agree with Mr. Navarro's article. I picked Panama for many reasons including its natural beauty, friendly people, ease of getting a visa, and weather, but most importantly because of its stable economy and democratic government."

The Panama article by Jaime Figueroa Navarro discusses point by point why Panama is one of the best places to live in the world. To read this article in full, visit the Panama Relocation Tours official website.

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