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Paleo Diet Menu Website Offers Recipes that "Go Back to Basic Nutrition" for Optimum Health gives free and detailed recipes for individuals who use the Paleolithic Diet to achieve their desired body and maintain good health.

The Paleolithic Diet is becoming a buzzword among health-conscious individuals today. Also called the Caveman Diet, it promotes the "primal way" of food consumption, which means sticking to what was available for people to eat some two million years ago - and achieving the same state of health as theirs. is a website dedicated to featuring everything that the Paleo Diet is all about. It offers a wealth of information about the concept behind this type of diet, which promises weight loss results without the usual starvation or metabolism issues associated with other fad diets.

"[Paleo Diet] is basically a modern nutritional diet that emphasizes on the presumed diet plans of wild animals and plants that our ancient ancestors consumed around 10,000 years ago before agrarian revolution," emphasized

People who want to go back to basic nutrition to lose weight will find eating plan options at A rich Paleo Diet Menu suggests for individuals to fill their plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, lean meats, and seafood. While all meats should be cooked to safe temperatures, the Paleo Dieter promotes the eating most other food in their raw form.

The Paleo Diet also strongly suggests avoiding the commonly prepared food in the modern times, including grains, sugars, starches, dairy products, all processed foods and alcoholic beverages. offers a wide variety of recipes for main courses, drinks and desserts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. With the various Paleo Diet recipes, the website shows going back to the basics of eating doesn't deprive anyone of great-tasting food comparable to modern pizzas, smoothies and even chips!

The effects of the Paleo Diet on a person's overall physical health have been proven to show in at least 30 days. Health experts note that with a diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables and organic food, it is possible to avoid unhealthy weight gain, prevent diseases, lose weight healthily, promote better digestion and reduce bloating.

To find out more about the Paleo Diet and get started on a healthy eating plan for better health, please visit for information.

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