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Families preparing for disasters and emergencies desperately need long term food storage as part of their survival strategy. To fulfill this need has added long term food storage to its long list of emergency survival products ... now provides long term food storage solutions to families as an integral part of their emergency or disaster planning. Will T., the site director says, "Every family needs to have some sort of long term food storage plan, adequate to sustain their family for three to twelve months!" Will, goes on to explain that is proud to be able to assist families in their survival preparations for the unknown.

Education about long term food storage as part of a complete survival strategy is very important. wants to help families in all aspects of their emergency planning, and help them avoid some of the common mistakes. People need to make sure that they have a variety in their long term food storage. Humans get tired of eating the same foods repeatedly, and many children or the elderly may stop eating all together. The best way to handle this is to stock up from multiple sources, adding a variety of canned, freeze dried, dry goods, and dehydrated foods. Storing foods to satisfy the normal meal cycles of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert to your long term food storage is also highly recommended.

Our country in the last year has seen some of the worst disasters in recorded history. The numbers of disasters have continued to show drastic increase over the past 10 years. In 2011, the United States Department of Homeland Security declared more than 98 major disasters in the U.S alone, and who could forget about the 9.0 earthquake in Japan. So in these unstable times wants to help everyone get prepared with long term food storage.

To ensure that you and your family get protected with long term food storage, has a wide variety of foods, in many different sizes available. In these tough economic times for a limited time will provide a special discount. Just enter the following code during checkout: DC1007E10 and receive a discount on long term food storage at


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