Pacific Specialists Rejuvenates Facial Beauty

Pacific Specialists addresses problems with regard to facial aesthetics by offering cosmetic treatments. This is based on the company's corporate mission of valuing not only the physical health of their patients, but also their emotional well-being

Pacific Specialists, a leading medical group in Los Angeles specializing in the treatments of eyes, ears, nose, and throat, takes their services to the next level by offering cosmetic treatments. Solutions under this category are all geared toward the resolution of various facial problems with regard to aesthetics.

The Procedures

Pacific Specialists offers cosmetic treatments, as they not only value the physical quality, but also the emotional aspect of their patients. Beauty has been long associated with feeling good and emotional health. Among their most popular treatments are Botox, fillers, and nasal procedures.

Under Botox and fillers, patients can choose from different procedures depending on their needs and other specifications. Those looking to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles may undergo Botox treatment. Specialists may perform this procedure at the office with no down time and minimal discomfort. Treatments may last for 3 to 4 months. Specialists assure patients that the treated areas will not sag or disfigure once the treatment wears off.

Those looking to add volume on their faces may undergo fat transfer procedure. This procedure is typically carried out in conjunction with other treatments, such as facelifts or laser resurfacing. Eyebrow lift is another Botox treatment that will help patients achieve beautiful brows.

Patients may undergo nasal procedures if they want to improve the appearance and functionality of the nose. Those who want to enhance the symmetry and contour of their nose may undergo cosmetic rhinoplasty. Septorhinoplasty, on the other hand, straightens the patient's septum, or the cartilage wall that divides the left and right airways in the nose, and improves the organ's appearance.

Other Cosmetic Solutions

Some cosmetic solutions at Pacific Specialists use laser. Among the services that utilize laser include Photofacial or age spot treatment, SkinTyte or skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). The clinic only uses state-of-the art technology not only to ensure results, but also to guarantee safety.

About Pacific Specialists

Pacific Specialists is a group of experts that specializes in treating different diseases of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. They also have a team of cosmetic surgeons. The clinic is accredited by reputable medical organizations, like the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

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