Pacific Coast Semi-Pro Football Team Armors Up With New Balm

Herbal Chi Balm makes debut appearance to Semi-Pro football League

Herbal Chi Balm, a specialized all natural product used for sports training, pain relief, and healing of minor injuries, is now in the hands of Panther team coach Darius Pickens. The team tried the balm at the end of last season for fast pain and injury recovery with great results. The balm has many uses in sports, but the season ended before Pickens could fully explore all its benefits. However, with the new season just beginning, Pickens decided to try another feature of the balm, its use as armor to protect the body against pain. Pickens was familiar with Dit Da Chinese formulas, such as Herbal Chi Balm, that have been used for centuries by martial artists to reduce pain caused by body strikes, and decided to use it on his team with this purpose in mind.

Said Pickens, "When I first tried the Herbal Chi Balm as a "body armor", my defensive players were all shocked by the instant result. Similar to Martial Artists before combat, my defensive players apply the Herbal Chi Balm to their torsos and limbs and feel little or NO pain after hard contact hits on the field. Additionally, the balm seems to energize my players, and when an injury does occur, when applied directly to the problem area, it immediately reduces the pain, which helps me get a key player back into the game quickly. Because of the energizing effect on the body, we now we use the balm as a training tool, during pre-game and workouts. We are 4-0 as we begin this season, so something good is happening."

Sun Born Natural Products Company recently released Herbal Chi Balm to the USA consumer market. It was previously only available privately to selected individuals.


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