Pacfood Awarded the Best New Bakery Product in Australia for Vacuum Food Storage Bags

Pacfood has been awarded recently for its achievement in producing best quality vacuum food bags for their customers. They are environmentally conscious and have devised strategies to develop new products for their customers.

Pacfood, a company that manufactures excellent quality vacuum food storage bags for its customers was recently awarded the best bakery product at Australian Fine Foods show 2013. In the category of biodegradable products the vacuum food bags manufactured by Pacfood were believed to be of the best quality. The biodegradable piping bags were brought to the market in the hope that they could help sustain the longevity of the foodstuff for a longer period. After this stupendous achievement the company brought about a new product named as Stand up Pouches. These are designed to give support to the food item that could get spoilt if they are not kept in erect in the pouches.

Pacfood has been known to create products with biodegradable material. These are environment friendly products that can be utilized repeatedly they need not become products which remain till eternity and cannot be utilized for any other purpose. The company through the channel of production with biodegradable elements has made its name for being an environmentally conscious company. Customers can store anything ranging from fruits and vegetables to cream and cakes in these vacuum food storage bags for their customers. "Go green" is the motto of the company and it takes into account all the different components in order to create environmentally friendly products for their customers.

The company provides vacuum food bags that can last for a long time and elongate the time of cooked meals or foodstuff. Customers have trusted the brand to create products that will not harm to their food. They can rely on the products manufactured by the firm for preserving the material with its nutrients. Mostly people tend to throw leftover because they feel that the food particles would have lost their essential nutrients but with the packaging option provided by the company customers can rest easy as no useful component will be lost during storage.

The award is a step for recognizing the contribution done by the company for its customers. The company always thinks ahead and manufactures products that are not only useful by customers but also beneficial for the environment.

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