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The Three Secret Ingredients for Success are Absorbability, Taste and Purity

"Today's multivitamin/mineral supplement has to conquer the competitive edge and offer consumers benefits without any hidden compromises in quality," says Lisa Lent, CEO of Vitalah®, creator of award-winning Oxylent, the effervescent solution for taking your micronutrients easily and effectively. Is there a difference between Oxylent and other vitamins? Ms. Lent says "yes" emphatically and sums it up in three important advantages for nutrient success.

1. Absorbability: Unlike multivitamin pills and tablets, effervescence does not need to be broken down by stomach acids in order to be absorbed in the small intestine. Unlike liquid supplements, effervescence produces Co2 fizz, which research suggests increases absorption across the intestinal wall. This translates to better absorption of Oxylent's vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids, and therefore better results! Oxylent powder easily combines with water to form a delicious sparkling drink in three natural flavors.

2. Taste: The majority of vitamins and minerals are available in tablets or pills, which are often hard to swallow, can trigger gagging or repeat, and do not taste good. Oxylent is a delicious, refreshing, and energizing drink that tastes so good you forget that it is your daily multivitamin supplement. It is a great substitute for any sports drink, a middle of the day pick-me-up, or your first line of attack for when you are feeling under the weather.

3. Purity and Power of Ingredients: Without the use of sugar, gluten, artificial additives, preservatives, dairy, caffeine, binders, or anti-caking agents, Oxylent includes only top-quality ingredients. Oxylent is the only effervescent multivitamin product to be awarded Albion's Gold Medallion, a recognition of excellence in mineral formulation. The product contains no sugar. However, it is sweetened with all natural Stevia, a plant-based sweetener that provides the sweetness of sugar without the calories or increase in blood sugar levels. Oxylent uses natural vitamin D3, which is the form more easily absorbed by the body. Unlike other effervescent supplements, Oxylent also offers two of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet-SOD (superoxide dismutase) and Catalase, a first line of defense against free radicals. All Oxylent products are third-party tested for purity.

Vitalah was founded by Lisa Lent as an "invitation to health" born from her passion to create a healthy travel experience that became the ultimate supplement of everyday life. Her product, Oxylent, is a unique blend of high-quality multivitamins and essential nutrients that create a synergistic environment, enabling the body to function at peak levels. Oxylent is available at health food stores nationwide and online. Purchasing Oxylent helps support Vitamin Angels®-a global organization that provides under-nourished children with nutritional supplements. Visit, or call 877.OXYLENT (877.699.5368). Find Oxylent on Facebook at

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