Ownerdesk Aims to Revolutionize Customer Support for Vacation Rental Owners

Ownerdesk LLC enables vacation rental owners to provide better customer support and to earn better reviews by creating a cloud based customer support software specifically designed to meet a vacation rental owner's needs.

Ownerdesk LLC, announced the launch of its customer support solution for vacation rental owners. The company, which is based in Los Angeles, California, aims to help vacation rentals owners offer better customer support and earn more positive reviews. Owners can now try it online at http://www.ownerdesk.com.

Ownerdesk product is cloud based and offers each vacation rental owner a customizable personal support website. Through this website, customers can open a support ticket and get fast, effective support, and receive updates regarding their request. Customers can also use the owner's knowledge base to get immediate answers to some questions. The website is fully responsive, which means owners and customers can log in and use the website easily from any web connected device.

Ownerdesk team describes that the motivation behind developing the software is that "emails get lost and phone calls forgotten or sometimes the owner just isn't available to pick up the phone and while there are many customer support solutions out there, none of them are specifically designed to help the vacation rental owner."

Some of the unique features that Ownerdesk provides include the following: the ability to add properties so the customer can link a support ticket to a property, the ability to create knowledge base for a property, and the ability to create vacation rental related support topics. The website uses friendly user interface to make it easy for owners and customers using the website.

Starting at a low pricing point of five dollars a month for one property, Ownerdesk team believes that vacation rental owners using its software will see a significant return on investment. Ownerdesk team states that "vacation rental owners know how much damage one negative review can do to their business and Ownerdesk can help them turn potentially negative reviews into good reviews. Furthermore, Ownerdesk can help turn customers who write positive reviews into loyal fans."

It seems that Ownerdesk is the first to step into the field of customer support software for the vacation rental industry, which is an industry that has been estimated at 23 billion dollars in the U.S market alone. "We are excited to tap into this market and feel that we have a lot to offer", Ownerdesk team added.


Ownerdesk is a cloud-based customer support software designed for vacation rental owners. Ownerdesk's goal is to help vacation rental owners offer great customer support service and earn better reviews with powerful features, an easy to use interface, and a low pricing point. For more information, please visit http://www.ownerdesk.com or visit the company social media pages: http://www.facebook.com/ownerdesk and http://twitter.com/ownerdesk.

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