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Overview Of Used Car Valuation

Here the points mentioned below of how to value the used cars

What is valuation of used cars?

In simple words, valuation is just assessing the right price for car depending on the mileage and condition of the vehicle.

It also depends on the year, make and model. In other words, valuing a used car is both subjective and objective.

While Buyer need to determine a Fair Market Value for the car, other factors may in-turn affect the value.

To minimize the risks, Buyer needs to look for vehicles that are proved to be reliable and economical.

Depreciation is the best bud when buying a used car. The price of used cars is far lesser than brand new ones in the market and in fact, they are in very good condition.

A used car is worth its weight in gold. There are certain points to consider before buying a used car.


First, decide on the model and make of the car that wish to purchase. Surf the net for available resources before making their choice.


After making the selection, buyer needs to inspect both the exterior and interior of the vehicle thoroughly to ensure that everything is perfect.

It should be in good condition and needs to check whether all mandatory car documents are clear and it is ready for sale with the help of car technicians.

Never forget to inspect the engine. A cold engine will tell a lot more than a warm engine. Also, check for its warranty period.

If possible, the previous owner may be contacted (if buying from a dealer) for a detailed report on the vehicle.

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