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Overview of Playing Fantasy Cricket Game

The participants simply compete with other cricket fans in these, fantasy cricket games.

Fantasy cricket games have been created for cricket fanatics who find it difficult to keep their minds of the game. There are multiple sites for these games and people of all age groups can apply.

The only thing user needs to have some basic knowledge about cricket, so that user can make the most of it. The one reason why fantasy cricket games have become a craze is the opportunity to earn cash.

How to get started with fantasy cricket games?

• Use knowledge about cricket and choose favorite players from among thousands of international cricket players.

• There are daily matches, organized by these sites of fantasy cricket games. One can participate in it and win the matches to earn cash prize.

• One can purchase any team, within the deadline provided by the site.

• One need to choose 11 players from his/her favorite team in the IPL series and they should comprise of 6 batsmen, 4 bowlers, 1 wicketkeeper. One also needs to choose a team captain among them.

• Each player in the team is assigned a value that is based on their individual prowess on the game. The total value or points should never exceed 1000.

• One can easily make any number of substitutions he wants to. But, these substitutions would be closed during the match hours.

• Substitutions that have been made before 12 AM would be counted for the match on that particular day. But, if it crosses midnight, then they would be counted for the day after.

What are the objectives of these matches?

A valid internet account is required by the player, and he can create one from an internet cafe, from home or any other place of internet access. These games are a sort of mental challenge and they do not call for any sort of hyper manual dexterity. One should have the skill of strong decision making.

The main objective of fantasy cricket games is to create a private community of cricket players and making fantasy cricket as a hugely popular professional analytical game of sports.

The statistics in the actual cricket games are used in the cases of these games. The points earned, are added to the daily score. Several pro challenge tournaments are also presented in these fantasy cricket games.

What are the eligibility criteria for fantasy cricket games?

In order to be a part of these fantasy cricket games one requires to have detailed knowledge about the rules of cricket and should also abide by them. All, state, federal and local rules and regulations are applied to this game.

Even though, there are no age restrictions imposed, the prize amount won during the fantasy cricket games would not be awarded to people below 21 years of age. Prior content of guardians are required, if cricket fans are below 21 years. One must have no expectations of prizes, until he is winner.

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