OURewards Launches Dynamic Browser Application for Impact Shopping

The Impact Shopping browser application ensures sure supporters never miss a chance to help their group

OURewards announces the launch of its new Impact Shopping browser application that makes it easier for online shoppers to support the groups they care about with every purchase. With the browser application installed, a special icon appears both in search engine results and on the websites of participating merchants, which enables supporters to always make their online purchase an Impact Shopping purchase.

"It's now easier than ever for supporters to earn money for their group," says John Lane, OURewards co-founder. "Because once the app is installed, it does the work for you. So supporters don't have to shop through their group's Impact Shopping page. Now they can simply go right to their favorite online stores, and the app takes care of the rest."

Impact Shopping is a free service that enables groups of every size or type to raise funds through their supporters' online shopping. The new browser application allows those supporters more flexibility than ever.

Previously, supporters were required to go to their group's Impact Shopping site in order to make purchases that would assist their group. Now, when they go directly to an online shopping site - or even use a search engine to find a product they want - the app enables them to make sure their purchases count.

"We surveyed our customers, and they said their supporters repeatedly told them they often forget to go to the Impact Shopping site first." Lane added. "So, we've found a way to take that step out, and make it as easy as possible."

OURewards is committed to supporting participating groups, and helping them raise the money they need to thrive. The new browser app is another example of that dedication.

"We've been working with OURewards for over a year now," says Steve Gruenler, father of a player on the Legend High School football team, "and we love how easy they make it to raise extra funds for the team."

To learn more about OURewards, visit www.ourewards.com. To learn more about Impact Shopping, go to www.impactshopping.info, or watch the introduction video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2v0Jg7XpZ4.

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