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Otto's Shrunken Head Presents "Darren Deicide Rings in Ragnarok"

Otto's Shrunken Head and Darren Deicide join to present a special show commemorating the symbolic rise of Ragnarok. The show will take place Saturday, February 22nd at New York City's own Tiki bar and original music venue, Otto's Shrunken Head.

On the 14th of November 2013, the mythical Gjallerhorn was blown in York to signal 100 days to Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse. According to scholars of Nordic mythology, February 22nd, 2014 would be the date Ragnarok rises. Danielle Daglan, director of the Jorvik Viking Festival in York, said, "Ragnarok is the ultimate landmark in Viking mythology, when the gods fall and die, so this really is an event that should not be underestimated."

To commemorate this lesser-known doomsday prediction, Otto's Shrunken Head will be throwing a special "Darren Deicide Rings in Ragnarok" show. The complimentary show will begin at 7pm and will go into the night when at 10pm it transitions into "Thee Midnight Monster Hop", featuring premiere rock n' roll bands from New York City as well as guest DJ, Mike Decay, who will be playing rockabilly and psycho-billy all night.

Darren Deicide maintains a continuous touring schedule and has played with an array of notable artists around the entire United States that has spanned from Dead Prez to Danny and the Juniors. He has played on Fox 5's "Good Day New York" as a featured artist on the "Make Music New York Festival". In addition he has been featured at Louisville, KY's "Good Folk Fest", Washington, NJ's "Festival in the Borough", and Hartford, CT's "Hope Out Loud Festival". He has worked with award-winning director, Gabriel Haze, and reborn doll artist/model, Marilyn Mansfield, on his premiere music video for the song "The Cocaine Song". As a devotee of both the rhythm and blues idiom and rock n' roll rebellion, Darren also competes and teaches swing dancing and has had editorial articles printed in a number of publications, including the long running column "Agent Provocateur" in The Aquarian Weekly, now a weekly segment for the 9Sense podcast. His most recent release was his first 7-inch vinyl pressing, "Bomb This Joint". This summer he begins work on a joint project with Breadline Studios, Jude the Blackbird Productions, and sound producer, Chris DeCocco, in conjunction with Historic Jersey City's Harsimus Cemetery to bring a new set of live video sessions that take place in Harsimus Cemetery as well as beginning work on a new full-length album.

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