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OTA Training Announces NFC Bootcamp™

Six-city tour planned to educate how to create successful marketing strategies using NFC Technology.

OTA Training, the global leader in RFID training and certification, announced today the launch of the first nationally standardized Near Field Communication educational series - the NFC Bootcamp™. Being a leader in RFID training and certification over the last 8 years, OTA has seen first-hand how NFC has grown and how much excitement there is around the possibilities of engaging customers in new and exciting ways.

As the NFC ecosystem begins to mature and moves from payments to more marketing based applications, there is an increasing desire for business leaders to understand just how they can harness the power of NFC to drive brand awareness and increase revenue. It is estimated that 40 million cell phones with embedded NFC capability will be in the hands of consumers by the end of 2011. Mobile applications, Point of Sale, location based value delivery - all will have to be adapted to meet the needs of the NFC-empowered customer.

So OTA Training is proud to announce the NFC Bootcamp™ series - How to Market with NFC: Creating Effective Marketing Strategies Using Near Field Communication™. This program brings the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in the NFC industry together to present their visions and ideas. It will also feature the NFC Showcase™, which will highlight real-world, hands-on demos of NFC technology at work.

The locations and dates for the NFC Bootcamps are:

Dallas - June 22, 2011
Boston - July 20, 2011
Chicago - September 21, 2011
Minneapolis - October 19, 2011
Atlanta - November 16, 2011
Santa Clara - December 17, 2011

Being an OTA sponsored event insures the high quality that has become synonymous with the OTA name. And as always, OTA seminars are committed to being vendor neutral, hands-on and comprehensive.

For more information and to Register, please go to: www.nfcbootcamp.com

About OTA Training:

Based in Dallas, Texas, OTA offers training courses worldwide to help companies successfully implement RFID and NFC technology. The company provides students with the most in-depth, relevant and practical training through its proven E3 Learning System, offering training that is Effective, Engaging and Easy to Follow. OTA Training instructors are qualified RFID / NFC professionals who use real-world knowledge and experience to prepare students for the challenges of RFID / NFC technology.

OTA Training uses state-of-the-art training tools to provide up-to-date content in the best training centers worldwide. OTA's courses can be customized to fit any company's requirements and can be conducted at any location. OTA Training is a founding member of the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) RFID+ Cornerstone Committee, author of the best-selling book, RFID+ Exam Cram and creator of the NFC Bootcamp™.

For more information visit: http://www.otatraining.com

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