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The heart of the OsteoStrong system is a patented machine which triggers our own natural adaptive responses that will to tell our bones to add density,and our muscles to add strength, over 25,000 people have improved quailty of life with this system.

Most of us begin to feel the gradual effects of muscle and bone atrophy at the ripe-old-age of… 30. Year after year, everyone experiences a steady loss of physic, balance, bone mineral density, and muscle strength. Dedicated athletes and gym enthusiasts can attest that even the best routines only seem to slow the effects of the aging process, not reverse it. Many of us attempt to resist feeling older in every way we can, but over time, it's something that we just learn to live with.

With that in mind, President and Founder of OsteoStrong, Kyle Zagrodzky, has selected Greater Nashville as the next expansion of at least six more OsteoStrong locations. "OsteoStrong is the natural way to trigger a person's built-in adaptive responses that will increase bone density, balance, and physical strength at any age. The first two locations have already been opened in Cool Springs and Murfreesboro, with Hermitage now under construction."

"OsteoStrong is for people of all ages and currently has clients from 8 to 97 years of age taking advantage of the benefits. The simple concept is set to change the paradigm of how we increase bone density, strength, and balance with our once-a-week system that only takes about seven minutes per session and won't leave you feeling sore or sweaty," said Zagrodzky. "More than 25,000 people have already seen the results for themselves, and best of all, they come to their session dressed as they are."

Scientific data and countless personal testimonies are pointing to OsteoStrong becoming the number one choice for strong bones, strong muscles, and anti-aging in the world."

Zagrodzky said "you no longer need harmful medication or hours of strenuous exercise to reverse osteoporosis, improve balance, eliminate joint, back and knee pain, reverse fibromyalgia, or just regain your physical strength." Zagrodzky added, "many customers are experiencing weight loss as a result of OsteoStrong as well."

By calling OsteoStrong you can claim two free sessions, simple way to activate your personal adaptive responses and experience incredible physical improvements for yourself.

Zagrodzky went on to express his motivations behind the OsteoStrong system and said, "The CDC reported that fall-related injuries for people over the age of 65 are the cause of a 1/3 of all fatalities. Additionally, 50 percent of all women and 30 percent of all men will experience a broken bone after the age of 50. Because of what OsteoStrong is doing for people, these are statistics we can now easily change with such a small commitment of time and money."

For athletes, "OsteoStrong' s internal combine studies consistently show that young athletes as well as individuals at the top of their athletic ability notice measurable performance and strength increases in as little as four sessions," Zagrodzky said. "100% of all participants have seen increased performance in their chest press, broad jump, horizontal jump and 40 yard dash! It's such a simple concept, and takes so little time, and It just works time and time again."

"Your session at OsteoStrong is unlike anything your body has ever experienced," he added. "The goal of your sessions is to help trigger your own natural adaptive responses that can grow bone and muscle tissue, just like you did when you were young."

"Once the process of tissue growth has been triggered, your body does the rest of the work for you. Just like cutting your hair or finger nails more frequently will not cause them to grow any faster, more frequent sessions at OsteoStrong will not accelerate your bone or muscle tissue growth beyond what a single session can accomplish each week."

OsteoStrong is located at 195 W Golf Rd Schaumburg IL 60195. Its number is (224) 208-8616. For more information, demonstration videos other locations and franchising information, visit www.osteostrong.me or their Facebook page.

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