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Orange County chiropractor and sports injury specialist, Dr. Jeff Shad, who focuses on non-surgical back pain management at his South County Spine Care spinal decompression medical center, now offers comprehensive and effective physical therapy and r

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Irvive, CA - November 24, 2012 - Dr. Jeff Shad, who specializes in non-surgical back pain management at his South County Spine Care spinal decompression medical center, now offers comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation in the Orange County region, which utilizes the most advanced techniques and equipment available today.

As one of the best chiropractors practicing in Orange County, Dr. Shad attends to a wide variety of back pain patients and their needs. As such, Dr. Shad, who manages, operates and practices in the Orange County pain center and physical therapy medical office, provides a several areas of service, including sports medicine, rehabilitation therapy, non-surgical spinal decompression, spinal pain management, orthopedic rehabilitation, physical therapy, as well as an IDD spine program.

Amongst the newest equipment that Dr. Shad utilizes at the spine care center includes the VAXD, DRX900 and DRX900e for the specific treatment of spinal decompression and related back pain. Each of these advanced devices help to reduce and eventually eliminate lower back pain by creating more spinal disc space, lessening herniation, increasing lumbar strength and reducing of pressure between discs by means of uniquely applied pressure.

Dr. Shad's central focus is to provide the best regenerative therapies for his patients that will help them avoid invasive surgery. "Surgery may help to alleviate some acute back injuries or significant traumas, but, by and large, these methods can often exacerbate injury sites further or disable a patient and prevent from mobility that helps accelerate their overall recovery," explains the doctor.

At SCSC, the back-centered Orange County pain center, patients that use wheelchairs or are unable to commute to the office are offered free transportation. The SCSC services several major areas in Southern Californa, including Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills and other areas.

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