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Optometrist at Focus Eye Center in St.George Shows How You Can Prevent Diabetic Blindness

Could you soon be blind? Dr. Trevor Hammons of Focus Eye Center Explains how you can easily prevent blindness caused by diabetes.

Every year, diabetes claims the eyesight of thousands of people around the world. Yet in many cases there are simple, preventative measures that could avert the onset of this type of blindness. In the United States alone, over 36 million people have diabetes and many of them are not aware they have this condition. This means that the onset of blindness may happen without warning for millions of people.

In Utah, the St. George optometrist Trevor Hammons recommended annual eye exams for everyone, regardless of their age or physical condition, in order to detect the early onset of blindness due to diabetes. Annual eye exams may detect the indicators of diabetes-induced blindness which allow for prevention therapies to be initiated. For potentially millions of people, eye exams can save them their sight as well as from elevated medical bills that blindness will bring on.

How Diabetes Causes Blindness

Essentially, diabetes weakens the tiny, fragile blood vessels in the eye and over time these vessels will start to leak and then rupture. As this continues to happen, the eyes can no longer see clearly the ruptures interfere directly with the eyesight. Eventually, the lack of blood flow weakens the overall structure of the eyes and blindness soon follows.

For millions of people, diabetes-induced blindness is a real possibility and without proper treatment it will continue to be a potent threat. As recommended by Dr. Trevor Hammons, the St. George eye doctor who works at Focus Eye Center, annual exams offer hope to those who know they have diabetes and those who may be unaware that they possess this condition.
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Diabetic Blindness

How Annual Eye Exams May Prevent Diabetes-Induced Blindness

Blindness caused by diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy and offers very few early warning signs that patients will notice. Even those patients with the more advanced case of macular edema which causes the loss of vision more rapidly may go unnoticed or not properly diagnosed by the patient because the eyesight changes from better to worse and back during the day.

It is estimated that up to 90% of new cases of diabetes retinopathy can be reduced significantly with proper eye exams, early treatment and employing monitoring procedures. The reasons why annual eye exams and early treatment can reduce, if not prevent the onset of diabetes retinopathy are many fold.

Early Detection of Diabetes: While it may seem surprising, there are millions of people who believe that they are perfectly healthy yet are afflicted with type 2 diabetes. Because the effects of milder forms of diabetes can take years to develop, by the time that this health problem is suspected there has already been plenty of damage to the blood vessels.

Early detection through eye exams will alert patients that they may have diabetes and can take preventative steps such as reducing their weight, changing their diet and increasing exercise in order to combat and perhaps even prevent the effects of diabetes from occurring.

Specialized Treatment Procedures: Optometrists such as Dr. Hammons can initiate early treatment procedures for those who show the early indications of diabetes retinopathy. The earlier such treatments are performed to save the blood vessels, the more in terms of eyesight will be retained by the patient. This means that they early people start seeing their eye doctor, the faster their treatments to correct the onset of diabetes retinopathy can begin.

Less Expense: It is a well known fact that the earlier a disease can be treated, the less expensive it will be for the patient. Not only are their physical gains to be made, but financial ones as well since early treatment means that more of the eyes are healthy and makes it easier to recover from the effects. Plus, for those who were unaware that they suffered from diabetes, they can make lifestyle changes which will also help them recover more quickly as well.

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