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The Forex market is attracting more people every day, especially those with limited resources for trading, due to the great leverage that is offered in this market place. But one should be aware that the leverage can work in your favor or against you

The Forex market is attracting more people every day, especially those with limited resources for trading, due to the great leverage that is offered in this market place. But one should be aware that the leverage can work in your favor or against you. Besides, coming into the financial markets with small capital amounts and little experience is the perfect recipe for disaster and to get all your money gobbled up by the more experience traders.

To participate in the financial markets safely, you must keep in mind the different mechanisms that can work for you or against you. To protect yourself from such scenario, you need to design a money management and risk system that has the proper safety net. But for that you need to study the market carefully and understand its movements, to be able to produce quality technical and fundamental analysis, plus the capital management required for success.

One of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet, says that nine moms cannot make a baby in one month. What he means by that is that in order to become successful in the financial markets takes time. But there is a way to be part of this exciting world of trading while learning all the intricacies without putting your whole savings or house at stake. With Binary Option Broker Optionova ( practically any person who is just staring in trading can take advantage of the market's movements without worrying if they are going to be left with enough money to cover their expenses.

Option trading has many advantages over other trading instruments.

Options offer a unique opportunity to trade almost any financial market without actually buying or selling the underlying instrument. When you buy an option, you are basically predicting in which direction the market is going to go and how long is it going to take it to get there. According to Optionova, an industry leader in options trading, options help remove the psychological burden from the trader, allowing trading in the best possible conditions minimizing the risks and raising the odds of success.

In options, you limit your risk or exposure by paying only a premium for the right of seeing if the asset you bought reaches the level that you have specified in the space of time that you indicated. So if you by an option on the GBP/JPY with an expiration time of one hour, then after an hour have passed by, you will know if your option has closed in the money, which means that you get a profit, or out of the money, which means that your option expired worthless. But keep in mind that the most you can lose is your premium and nothing more than that.

When comparing the Forex market to options, the experts at Optionova say that with options your risk is predetermined, but in other markets like Forex or even stocks, the big price swings can empty your account if you are not careful with what you are doing. Additionally, the experts at Optionova recommend binary options to those who are just testing the waters of online trading. Plus, clients can take advantage of their exclusive market outlook and signals on binary options. An interesting feature about binary options is that you are not really buying or selling the underlying asset, but rather a contract on the future direction of the asset.

The Optionova company also offers very especial bonuses and treatment to its clients on top of the most reliable and comfortable trading conditions in the sector. Obviously there are many brokers in the industry, but not all are capable or willing to provide the quality service that is seen when trading with Optionova. The technology that the company uses is state-of-the-art and very easy to understand. Clients are offered the opportunity to trade from the comfort of their home or their office. Actually, you can even trade from the park if you want to as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

Optionova is one of the few brokers that allows its clients to extend the expiration time or date of the option in case the price goes against you and you wish to hold on to it for a longer time. This has provided the right environment for experienced and novice traders, allowing them to profit with binary options in an efficient and safer way.

Other details of trading options with Optionova are for instance, the choice of picking an expiration time from 1 minute to 1 month. You also have the ability to opt out of the trade while still open. The return that you can get from managing to close your option in the money can be more than 90 percent of your initial investment. The depositing and withdrawal of funds is very convenient and reliable. When a client requests a withdrawal, the funds are wired within 5 business days; other brokers can take more than two weeks to send the funds or even more than that.

With Optionova you can also enjoy the benefit of trading on Demo accounts for your convenience and training. These accounts do not expire like they do at other online brokerages. A very interesting feature of the Company is the fact that its trading signals on binary options have a 65% accuracy, which is really spectacular for someone who knows how to put these probabilities in their favor and take advantage of them.

The price feed and charts at Optionova are provided by the company,, offering the price feed on more than 180 different assets. This wide range of assets to choose from can help you build a strategy that diversifies your risk and keeps you expose just enough to make money in the markets.

The Gold members of the Company receive especial bonuses. Some of the bonuses and incentives that the Company offers can help you increase your trading funds up to 200% just by depositing with the Company and not necessarily trading. This has obviously caught the attention of many traders that are switching to Optionova as their preferred options broker.

You can choose different parameters and conditions with binary options. For instance, besides choosing to what level the price may go and how long is it going to take it to get there, you can also choose the Touch or No-Touch condition. With this condition, what you specified on your contract is if the price is going to touch or not a certain level. A different condition that you can specify is the Borders condition. With the Borders condition what you do is specified is the price is going to stay within a range during a specific period of time or if the price will break out of the range.

As an additional note, we would like to remind our potential clients that at Optionova you can open your trading account in Dollars, Euros, Pounds, or Francs; all for your convenience. There are also additional bonuses, especially for Gold members like we mentioned before, where even if you have suffered a loss, the Company can reimburse you part of the losses. With all of these features, the Company is trying to offer a market place where even the beginning trader can feel comfortable and trade without the pressure and stress of losses ending with their trading capital.

In conclusion, the analysts of Masterforex-V World Academy (, who helped put together the results and statistics of the services by Optionova, agreed that the Company is holding on to its success by putting the interests of its clients ahead of anything else.

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