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Open Website Tutorials Teaches How To Build a WordPress Website in Less Than 30 Minutes

Open Website Tutorials has launched a new website with free tutorials on how to build and maintain a WordPress website. The most exciting part of the website launch is a free tutorial on how to build a WordPress website.

There is a wide variety of people out there that believe building a website takes a lot of work especially for those with no terminal knowledge on the mechanics of websites. But worry no more. Open Website Tutorials shows how to build a website using a 5 step-by-step guide: creating a domain name, setting up hosting for site, pointing the domain to hosting, installing WordPress and getting familiar with WordPress.

The first part of the tutorial explains what a website really is. The website address that is typed in the URL bar on the Internet is the domain but the domain isn't the actual website, it's just a pointer to the real location. The real location is the hosting servers. That's where all files, images, etc. are held. The domain and hosting server are the backbone of a WordPress website.

The tutorial is very detailed with screenshot images and the information is simply stated to make it easy for any one person to accomplish. Throughout the tutorial, suggestions are put forth to help make decisions on domain names and web hosting packages to make it easier to build the WordPress website. Furthermore, Open Website Tutorials explains each of the main features on the WordPress website to make it even easier for the new website builder. For an extra bit of help, if needed, the website also boasts a spot where a question can be asked and sent and Open Website Tutorials will send an answer through email.

In addition to the free tutorial on making a WordPress website, Open Website Tutorials also has many other tutorials including adding content to the site and changing the theme as well as adding images and videos to help out that much more and make it even easier to maintain the site.

To learn more on how to build WordPress websites as well as other helpful tutorials go to the Open Website Tutorials website at

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