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Open Website Tutorials: Easy Solutions to Help Non-techies Build Online Presence provides the step-by-step guide to starting a website in half an hour - with no technical experience necessary.

In a world where more than 7 billion people are online, having a website is a necessity. The creation of a website is the basic rule to keeping a business running successfully and staying ahead of the competition. Similarly, for people who want to advocate a purpose, convey messages, reach out to others, or tell their stories to the world, there is no better way to accomplish the goal than to build a website. However, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and technical expertise for it.

Most people believe that website creation will, at all times, require the skills of a highly trained developer. It is fact, however, that familiarity and understanding of the basic make-up of a website is all it takes to make one - that, plus an easy-to-follow instructional guide.

Open Website Tutorials was created to provide individuals the essential know-how in creating a fully functioning, attractive and professional website in less than 30 minutes. It offers the three basic steps anyone - even those without technical knowledge or experience - can easily follow through. discusses figuring out the domain name for the website, which will basically depend on the kind of information it will offer. The online instructional guide suggests for domain names to be with, one of the largest and most respected domain registrars. The next step, according to, is to set up website hosting via HostGator, a leading website hosting service that is known for fast speed, good uptime and affordability. Finally, pointing the domain to the hosting server takes no more than 5 minutes, and simply entails following the steps provided by upon domain registration.

Notably, lets visitors in on many price-off promotions and discount deals offered by and HostGator, making the website creation process not only easy but also affordable.

Created for small business owners and organizations, as well as for people who want personal pages online, offers instructions based on all the latest technologies that exist on the Internet today. It also provides training modules that accompanied by visual snapshots of each of the three basic steps.

To learn more about developing an online presence with minimal fuss and hassle, please visit for easy instructions and information.

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