Open Water Create Effective Brand Image for New Water Treatment and Legionella Consultancy Aquate

Open Water Create Effective Brand Image for New Water Treatment and Legionella Consultancy Aquate.

Web design and marketing experts Open Water have recently created an exciting brand image for new Kent based water treatment and Legionella consultancy Aquate. Working closely with the Aquate team, Open Water spent a great amount of time indentifying their core values and tone to create a distinct, recognisable brand. Using vast imagination, specialist knowledge and experience the design team came up with an effective strategy and produced a splash mark style logo with geometric shapes to symbolise understanding and control.

This tailor-made design was then incorporated in all aspects of offline marketing to ensure the local company have an eye-catching image. In order to engage target audiences, the branding team came up with the unique name Aquate, a scientific term meaning to combine with water. The name was chosen to emphasise the consultancy's expertise and knowledge in water treatment industry. Web designers at Open Water are currently working on developing an efficient website for Aquate, implementing the imagery used in the company's branding campaign.

Commenting on the project, Philip Hansen Open Water's Creative Director said: "We wanted to create a name and identity that was clearly related to water without the obvious imagery, but using a design which showed the deeper understanding and technical expertise that a consultancy service offers. The brand works on both levels, simple and clear, as well as having a deeper insight".

Open Water's success stems from building close relationships, working with their clients on a one-to-one basis to deliver solutions that are right for the business. Using a collaborative approach, their highly qualified team are not satisfied until their clients are, coming up with a vast range of creative, unique ideas which exceed expectations and make companies stand out from the crowd. Contact the Open Water team today to ensure you have the right brand image. Let the corporate design experts help you effectively communicate with your target audience.

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