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How to make Open Innovation profitable for your company. Solvster demonstrates how to take open innovation to the next level and gain commercial benefits for companies

LANGENZERSDORF, AUSTRIA, March, 2010 - Solvster demonstrates how to take open innovation to the next level and gain commercial benefits for companies the first global open product development platform supports all steps in the front-end of product development connecting companies and consumers to collaborate from the trend identification to the idea screening.

"As we launched we knew that many consumer goods and services companies have a strong push to optimize their product development processes. Now we also can demonstrate that our solution is supported and demanded by the consumers." said Ulrike Eglhofer. "Our TrendQuest on "The future of Product Development" unveiled that consumers believe that companies can profit from collaborating with them in developing new product ideas. And the great thing is - consumers are ready to spend time on creating and sharing product ideas"

More than 800 votes unveiled that over 90% of consumers registered on are expecting companies to collaborate closely with consumers in developing new products in future. They even foresee that companies will not only collaborate to generate ideas, but also engage with consumers in the design and technical realization of new products.

Consumers are ready for Open Product Development. Almost 100% of our members are willing to share product innovation if seen as equal partners and get incentivized for it. Solvster's concept is accepted by consumers, which is demonstrated by the fast growth of the member base to more than 4000 registered consumers from over 70 countries in only two months.

Interested companies can get access to Solvster's TrendQuest results for free.

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Founded 2009, provides a global platform for companies to collaboratively develop new product ideas.

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