Open Forum Promotion Can Help People Around The World

Everybody wants to do more to help make the world a better place, but not everyone is sure how they can do it. Thanks to the rise of social media sites, social discussion can help people fulfill that passion.

Every day, it is the same thing. We see news reports of people around the world struggling just to survive, to find clean drinking water and nourishing food, to raise their families in a safe environment, to better themselves. We look around at all that we have and wonder how we can do more. It is because of the passion of others that we can do something for them. It is because of the commitment of people like Rebecca Westbrook-Toker & Robert Twinomujuni, two people who would never get to meet if it weren't for social media sites, that an international fundraising effort could get started to help the lost and needy children of Uganda find a better chance in this world.

Ms. Westbrook-Toker is an educator based in Texas who first started teaching the disabled when she was just fifteen years old and had a passion for helping not just those around her, but those around the world. Mr. Twinomujuni is a missionary and activist from Uganda who looked around and wondered what he could do to help those from his home country that were less fortunate than he was. In an earlier time, they would have always remained apart, unable to bring their forces together. Thanks to modern technology and the power of the internet and social media sites, they met through a website designed to do just that: introduce like-minded people to help make this a better world.

Joining forces was just the first step. They needed to find a way to bring their fundraising to a wider audience. That was when they partnered up with the industry leader, Tawkers.com. Designed as a way to have real-time interactive conversations across a wide array of topics, it is a perfect example of how social media sites could be used as a fundraising platform to help bring people together. It takes what we can only see passively on the news and makes it something that we could become active about. Since they began their tawk, Fundraiser for Ugandan Kids w/Rebecca Westbrook Toker & Robert Twinomujuni, their fundraising efforts have increased by a factor of ten, which just goes to show that when you have a passion for something, there is a way to get it done. Two strangers, bound only by a shared desire, now have the opportunity to take their mission worldwide and get the help they are looking for.

To learn more about Rebecca Westbrook Toker, Robert Twinomujuni and Tawkers.com visit: www.tawkers.com

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