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The popular social networking site, recently hit over 1000 active members who participate actively with fellow users for, chat, sharing article, post and knowledge.

Founded in 2012, is the popular social networking site for the culture based community. With its simple and excellent features the website has a mission to connect with people from worldwide. In this website it's very easy to navigate through easy site structure and its search bar allows users to find specific country post, and the culture and countries features also helps members to interact with fellow users, active members by sharing photos, urls and making friends across the world. Its extensive and popular feature that has proved a hit with users is the knowledge sharing where any active member can browse social profiles of other member and can find potential knowledge prospects. active users coming from different locations around the world its range is , from London, Asian country, Africa, Australia, the United States and more countries worldwide. With its globalization factors members never feel any difficulty to join in their local area wise.

It has proven as extremely helpful for members traveling globally for personal, business or travel purpose, or simply travels to explore the knowledge. The website has seen extremely successful, setting up people at 91 countries around the globe. With its proper security service, users feel safe and secure to invite to join and be hosted.

"It was really a very nice and cheerful experience to join like this diverse group of people at the peoplesattitude. It really was a joy full moment rather than being stuck in a hotel in the middle of Europe, and I am so grateful to that I had this option so I joined friends there too just like my home "said Ryan, a member of this website.

The chat feature has also proved popular with so many active users with similar interests. The website is absolutely free of cost and welcomes all users that want to connect with online people. Find out more information and register at also has a Face book presence at .

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