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Online Furniture Retailer Continues President's Day Traditions

Vermont Woods Studios hopes for continued success this President's Day weekend

With winter upon us and President's Day right around the corner, many local businesses are going to be offering fantastic deals coming soon. Second only to Labor Day, President's Day is ranked as having some of the deepest discounts available to customers. Most American's take advantage of these discounts, using their extra money from tax returns to make larger purchases like new cars, home improvements and update their furniture.

Furniture retailers are capitalizing on President's Day to push new lines of furniture and promote 2013 design ideas. This tactic helps smaller retailers because consumers are looking for unique and quality pieces to add to their homes. Consumers should be on the look-out for discounts across many styles of furniture as well as sales by many local furniture retailers.

Vermont Woods Studios, online retailer of fine Vermont-made, had quite the successful President's Day Sale last year and is looking forward to similar success in 2013. Vermont Woods Studios is confident that this sale will top last year's numbers by a fairly large margin. Vermont Woods Studios attributes their success to marketing techniques and helpful customer service.

Vermont Woods Studios offers free shipping and a lifetime guarantee, which sets them apart from other online furniture retailers. Discounted furniture will include bedroom, dining room, home office and living room pieces, crafted in luxurious woods like cherry, oak, maple and walnut. Vermont Woods Studios also offers many customization options that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Dates: Now to February 19th


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