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Daily Fantasy Cricket is on the best place to play and truimph exciting cash prizes.

Daily Fantasy Cricket (DFC) is diverse from other Online Fantasy Cricket websites since we permit user to pick a squad of cricketer players on a day-to-day basis, as faced to a whole season.

From the key display, select the league user would like to enter or generate the private league to play against buddies. User can either play for free leagues or paid leagues.

So as to raise the probabilities of winning in leagues, user may enter as many fantasy leagues as user would like.

Choose the Best Online Fantasy Cricket Side

Once user have selected (or formed) the league, user will require to select the Best Fantasy Cricket squad for that fantasy league.

All user require to do is stay under the entitled salary cap and lookout on side stand up points with the actual time figures feed!

Gain Maximum Points

Once the cricket game starts, user selected players will gain points built on how they execute and perform in their real life cricket match.

In the premier phase, if user gain more points than the contestant, then grabbing a huge cash prize is assured from the DFC account.

The cash prize will be added to user account. With the winning cash prizes amount, either user can join in more fantasy cricket leagues or user can receive this winning cash prize. It is the best place to play online fantasy cricket.

Daily Fantasy Cricket has unique scoring system that performs and test the users fantasy skills. If the squad gains more points than the challengers, user triumph amazing cash rewards!

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