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In today's world of inter connected world and technological environment every sector has been benefited due to technology.

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In today's world of inter connected world and technological environment every sector has been benefited due to technology. The most important innovation of this time has been the advent of Internet and many new companies are creating their niche felt and making their services stand out due to using Internet and allied technology.

Healthcare being an evergreen and stable industry has also been immensely benefited by the advent of Internet. Many of the aspects of Healthcare have been already technically modified using Internet. Telemedicine or teleradiology has been thriving and is a practical thing due to the Internet. Another very important aspect which has been possible due to Internet is the ability to do Online doctor appointment. Previously doctors could only take appointment by walkin or over telephone. But recently doctors have started to take appointments from patients online also. This type of Doctor Appointment has been a major boon for both doctors and patients alike. Whether it is 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. in the night, a patient can easily book an appointment with the doctor sitting from the comfort of this/her home just by using the computer and the Internet, irrespective of whether the office of the doctor is open or closed. In case the doctors office's phone is busy or engaged for a long time and as a patient in need or emergency you have to wait for a long duration, then just log onto the Internet and from home or anyplace else comfortably do the Doctor appointment. Such has been the power of Internet. Many doctor's office and Hospital have already started implementing this system as a regular practice and all the concerned the doctors, the patients and the hospital management has been equally benefited. Online Doctor Appointment has also helped a lot of elderly patients who otherwise have to rely on other people to either run to the doctor's office to book appointment or have to wait in long queue to call and book appointment. They have been using this system and booking Doctor Appointment effortlessly.
The receptionists at the doctor's office are also immensely benefited by this. Now all they need to do is check their sms or check their emails for patient appointment and scheduling. When doctor appointment happens from the portal then either a sms or an email is generated confirming the appointment which goes to the doctor's office, the patient and also to the portal webmaster. There is also option to cancel appointments.

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