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The educational system has moved with the times. Many educational institutions have realized that people nowadays do not have as much time to devote to studies as before. Thus, they developed an innovative way of learning - distance learning.

Distance learning is completing a school or university program or course remotely online. Distance education courses do not have the classroom factor. Before, distance learning was done through correspondence. But with the advent of new technology, online distance learning is now more commonly offered.

The International Career Institute offers you "hot" online distance education courses right at your fingertips. No need to commute to school. All one needs is access to the Internet and voila! One can earn a certificate on Business Management, a diploma on Floristry or an advanced diploma on Event Management all through online distance learning.

ICI's online distance learning offers people who are strapped with time and cost concerns the opportunity to study and learn. The flexibility in time allows a student to study at a time convenient for him or her. Travelling to a physical classroom takes time, effort and money. With online distance learning, spend your money, time and effort on other things like mortgage, family or one's self.

It is also convenient since the all of the Institute's online distance education courses are self-paced. The student determines the amount of time spent each day, each week or each month on coursework. Which means the student also ultimately determines the length of time it takes for him or her to finish a course.

There is no need to take a break from one's career to study under the online distance learning program. The learner can access materials online or through a CD. One can study at home or do the assignments during the weekends. It's all at one's own convenience.
ICI also provides excellent educational support to students of these online distance education courses. Tutors are available for you to consult via email. The learning materials are always completely provided by the Institute.

So whether you are a busy career executive, a stay at home mum or simply thirsty for more knowledge, taking online distance education courses with the International Career Institute may just be for you.


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