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After a decade spent asking the question, "What if?" David Seth Cohen finally finds the chutzpah to look for the answer. Utilizing both modern and traditional means to get there, he finds the answer and so much more.

To be an actor, or any member of the entertainment business, means you have a dream, and David Seth Cohen had one. He had dreams of finding a career behind the scenes as a filmmaker, using his creativity to make films full of comedy and humor to help lighten people's moods and take their minds off their troubles for a little spell of time. His inspiration was one of the industry's shining examples of just how well broad humor could make everyone feel better: Adam Sandler. A chance encounter that could have turned into so much more posed him with a moral dilemma, and in that moment, twelve years ago, he answered the way we all wished we would: by thinking of someone other than himself.

A decade later, still struggling to find success in the industry, he has a dream about what would have happened if he had chosen otherwise. Finding some online discussion forums with people who have had that second chance to answer that first question, he finds the courage to not only be offered that question again, but to document the journey required to give a new answer.

"Finding Sandler" is Mr. Cohen's cinematic journal of what it took to find his comedy hero and get that second chance. Along the way, he meets up with a veritable who's who of celebrities, ranging from film (Carmen Electra) and music (Billy Joel) to food (Emeril Legasse) and even professional wrestling (Mick Foley). All of them share their own personal stories about doing what it takes to recapture that opportunity and making the right choice that changed their life.

Making the movie, getting it produced, and releasing it to the world was only the first part of that journey. With all that he learned, not only about himself but what it takes to fulfill a dream, he knew that he owed more than that. Seeing the time that people took to inspire him - not just the famous but also the anonymous people who shared their own stories via online discussion forums - he knew that he had to return the favor and pay it forward. That was when he decided to partner up with Tawkers.com, the industry leader when it comes to hosting online discussion forums. More than just a tool to promote his movie, he used it as a way to inspire new artists to find their way, just like it had helped him.

To learn more about Mr. Cohen and Tawkers.com visit: www.tawkers.com

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