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OnGuardhelp - Just Tap The App For Help In An Emergency

OnGuardHelp is a mobile personal emergency response system application that will be available for download from today, May 27, 2014 on Android / Google Play Store.

OnGuardHelp is a mobile personal emergency response system that has been developed to provide an easy access to emergency services when you feel unsafe or have an emergency situation. With just a single tap, you can call or send an SMS text alert to your family, friends or law enforcement to make them aware of your emergency as well as severity of the situation you are facing.

This app was developed with the primary focus to help save lives and help individuals be more secure wherever they go. OnGuardHelp is a valuable tool to help people deal more effectively with any crisis or emergency situation. People concerned about their safety and security, and that of their loved ones, will find OnGuardHelp to be an invaluable asset.

The OnGuardHelp software application is designed for smartphone and mobile device users. The app has user-friendly features that enable the user to be self-sufficient and have immediate access to help in any emergency.

The OnGuardHelp app comes with five primary emergency calling functions: Contact 1, Contact 2, 911, OnGuard Talk and OnGuard Silent. Contact 1 and Contact 2 has programmable texting and speed dial features used to get help in a non-emergency situation such as running out of gas or having a flat tire while driving a car. "911" gives you direct access to the closest 911 dispatch by just tapping on the 911 icon. The last two functions, OnGuard Talk and OnGuard Silent, provide the user access to help 24/7 with the OnGuardHelp Crisis Monitoring Center. When the OnGuard Talk icon is tapped, caller is immediately connected to a trained and certified Crisis Management Agent whose computer screen will display the caller's name, current location, and all pertinent medical information (previously provided by user). The OnGuardHelp GPS tracking and location technology enables Agent to immediately notify and coordinate dispatch of first responders to the emergency location, providing help faster because they know who you are, where you are, and what type of emergency. Also available is the OnGuardHelp Silent Alarm that can be used in any threatening situation where the user is frightened or feels in danger and not able to make a regular call. With the tap of the On Guard Silent button, the caller is connected with the Crisis Management Agent who immediately knows it is a "Silent" Alarm and that there is a serious problem. Without any conversation, that Agent will listen and immediately notify Law Enforcement, relaying pertinent information and sending first responders to your location. The Agent will then stay on the phone and silently monitor the situation until help arrives.

About OnGuardHelp

OnGuardHelp is a multi-functional mobile emergency software application that helps its user to more effectively handle, or at best avoid, a critical emergency situation by alerting law enforcement or first responders with a simple "tap of the app".

It is a safety / emergency calling application that will be available for download on the Google Play Store May 27th. OnGuardHelp is offering the Bronze Plan for free which will allow user access to the Contact 1 function of this app. There is also a Silver Plan that includes Contact 1, 2 and 911 calling and texting features. The Gold Plan, which is the premium package, includes all five calling functions and provides continuous access to the OnGuardHelp Crisis Monitoring Center 24 hours a day. Please visit for additional information about the OnGuardHelp app and subscription plans offered.

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