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OnForce Recognizes the Best Techs in IT Field Services

Driving customer satisfaction, reputation, and a competitive advantage through top tech talent

OnForce, the #1 source for on-site tech talent, gives high honors to 123 top performing service technicians through its Best of 2012 award program, and highlights a critical strategic advantage: top-notch customer service. This accomplished group of service techs consistently met or exceeded customer satisfaction, exhibited high quality service delivery standards, and achieved high performance scores throughout 2012 - all essential ingredients for enhancing the customer experience.

Independent contractors who fulfill on-site IT service work are not only problem solvers, but also are often the driving force that upholds customer satisfaction, reputation, and market differentiation. OnForce understands the strategic importance of customer service and openly recognizes a selection of its highest caliber field service techs through its annual Best of 2012 award program.

"It's no secret that high-achieving technicians have an enormous impact on business results, especially in IT field services," said Peter Cannone, CEO of OnForce. "We are very proud of the high quality standards of our vast technician community. Top tech talent is what our customers expect from OnForce; it's one of our key service differentiators. We give high praise to our Best of 2012 award recipients."

"There are four key skills that help to provide excellent customer service: listening skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills and having the ability to be flexible in order to meet the unique needs and requirements of customers," said OnForce All Star winner, Corbin Webster of MiCor Industries, who is among the top 12 of the Best of 2012 award recipients. "Demonstrating these skills with every client I meet have enabled me to build a thriving IT service business - and create a lot of happy customers."

View the complete list of the Best of OnForce 2012 winners here.

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